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Product Listing

Del-Ton AR-15 Scope Ready 5.56
Bushnell Trophy XLT 4-12x40
5mw Red Lazer sighted to 50 yards
Yankey Hill Rail Risers
Yankey Hill 1in Scope Mounts
Yankey Hill Low Profile Gas Block
UTG Handguard
UTG Springless Style Bipod
Magpul Pmag 30 and 20 round Mags
Magpul Angled Foregrip 2
Magpul Ambidextrous Rear Sling
Magpul MS3 Two Point Sling
Magpul MBUS2 Front & Rear
Magpul B.A.D. Lever
CAA Command Arms Cheek Riser Stock Saddle
CAA Command Arms 6 Piece Grip
Kineti Tech Custom Built Barrel Shroud
Mako Mag Well Grip
Quick Release Rear TakeDown Pin
OverSized Charging Handle Latch

Custom Items

Broke In The Trigger Like A Shotgun for Extremely Smooth Action
  • Take all the lubrication off the Hammer and Trigger with Acetone. (nail polish remover)
  • This allows for more heat and friction to heat up and smooth both surfaces.
  • Place your hand over the hammer and slap it right back down repeatedly on trigger pull.
  • Never let the hammer it the chassis of the gun, it's aluminum. it will hair cracks and end horribly.
  • Remove dust with acetone again and re-lubricate.
Grip Tape on Grip(i used to play hockey)
CMMG .22 Conversion Bolt Assembly
3 Different Lubricants with Difference Viscosity's
Removed Rear ButtStock Sling Attachment for a Cleaner Look
Custom Color Filled Engraved Lettering(crayon lol)