Crosshair In Any Game

    This is basic overlay software for streaming and recording. We're just using the image overlay feature to use any crosshair we want. The difference with this than other methods is you can play in fullscreen. Theres also a timer overlay you can bind to a key and set to 30s, as well as a stopwatch and clock. 
It will show on OBS screen capture and MAYBE game capture btw.

no border / border




Launch and select Plugins

Check the Image Overlay box then select Plugin Settings

Click on the image path area and select your crosshair image png and click ok
I've made some png's, they are at the top of the page, right click to download

Launch the game and get to where you can see your crosshair, when ready select Preview Overlays

Click on Render On Screen icon to enable it(make it green)

Grab and drag the image overlay box into the center position, alt tab back to the game to see where it is. Adjust accordingly, its a little tricky. Alternately you can make a full size blank png at the resolution you play at with the crosshair perfectly centered and use that. Just stretch the Image Overlay box to fit the entire Overlay Preview window.

Once you have that situated close it. Then you need to remove / set the hotkeys so you dont accidentally record massive files like I did. F12 is the default record key which is also my steam screenshot key.

Unbind all the hotkeys by clicking on them and hitting escape. Optionally you can bind a key to toggle the crosshair on/off with the first option.

Hit me up on discord if you want one made, just show me a pic of what you want