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Fortnite Performance Guide

Batch File To Set Priorities

You can send a shortcut to the batch file onto your desktop, right click the batch file > properties > change icon

Code to create your own
@echo off

rem remove the "rem" from the following 3 lines to have the batch file open Epic Games Launcher
rem start /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Launcher\Portal\Binaries\Win32" EpicGamesLauncher.exe 
rem echo Starting Epic Game Launcher,
rem timeout /t 05 /nobreak

start /d "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64" FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe 
echo Fornite Loading
echo Edit The Batch File If You Want Epic Games Launcher To Open Also
echo Setting Priorities In [80 Seconds]

timeout /t 80 /nobreak 

wmic process where name="FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority"
wmic process where name="FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping_BE.exe" CALL setpriority "idle"
wmic process where name="EpicGamesLauncher.exe" CALL setpriority "idle"
wmic process where name="BEService.exe" CALL setpriority "idle"
rem cant get BEService.exe to work but works manually

echo Priorities set. Exiting in 10 seconds.

timeout /t 10 /nobreak

rem idle= "64" or "idle"
rem below normal= "16384" or "below normal"
rem normal= "32" or "normal"
rem above normal= "32768" or "above normal"
rem high priority= "128" or "high priority"
rem real time= "256" or "realtime"

Launch Options

Click the Settings Icon next to the big green Launch button in Epic Games Launcher and goto settings
Check the Additional Command Line Arguments Box
Paste the following

-high -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -nomansky