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Send Text Msg Via Email

You can send a text message from any email account or email client using the following technique, all you need to know is what phone company the person uses. This is a worthy enough reference to be put onto my site because after using a smartphone and iPad for such a long time you realize the entire device is catered to quick functionality. Jumping back onto a PC for a day you quickly realize you cant just send a page or file so easily, or even a simple message.

    Now what I've done is created a secondary and tertiary email address for each contact in my google account, attached their phone number, then changed the field name to SMS or MMS depending on which it needed. Note changing the field name to something non-standard will make them not show up on iDevices, although some droids will show custom fields for contacts. But, if your on your phone already you can just text them normally so it works out :)

Format Is Always 10 Digits No Need For The 1
  • [10-digit phone number]
  • Example: ""
USA Only I Believe, Sorry

Email Pages Like A Mobile Device

Added this little section down here to complete functionality.

You can install this Addon for FireFox to mail links to your current page.


You can install this Chrome Extension to mail link to your current page
Boost Mobile
Sprint (SMS) (MMS)
Virgin (SMS)