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    Jasmin 3D Color Changer aims to recolor windows classic themes to something.. not so 1999, but great for system responsiveness and performance. Unsatisfied with all the custom themes available over the years I decided to create one to look like the old & new Steam UI. By the way there is an amazing skin for steam called Metro For Steam

Rocket Dock Skin

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Downloads: 1,041

    A dock skin I created from an old project that I hoped at the time was going to be next and it wasnt called Looking Glass. Green glass is pigmented with an inorganic compound called Chromic Oxide. It was fun trying to figure out the layering to make it appear proper in all environments and axis. For the experienced, you could port this to object dock easily.

Project Looking Glass Demo May 2006

Immensely Popular Wallpaper

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Downloads: 23,914

As seen on HGTV  


Simple Corsair Wallpaper

Warsow Wallpaper

    For the Warsow FPS Game fans.

PSD Tutorial For Adobe Icons

Adobe Pixelation Style Drive Icons

Hands-Free Rainmeter Clock

Simple White Rocketdock & Objectdock

Tournament Advertising

Logo Design

Possible logo design for an experimental version or Quake 3 Promode / CPMA

Best Avatars Ever :D