Landing Old


To the home of my work. Below are the Mods and Guides I have put together for large gaming communities and for everyone to enjoy with my 20+ years of gaming & development experience. If you are having trouble locating something, please use the search box at the top right.

This is where all the mouse, windows, hpet, services, & hardware tweaks are. You'll want to Start Here.

Several guides I have written out of experience & to help others. For games such as Quake 3 or Call of Duty

Windows is not a Gaming Operating System, it's designed to do everything. These will help you get there.

Home of Swissknife's skins & Pro Mod for Conquer online, Puro Co

Home of my q3plus mod, configs, maps, mirc scripts, HUDs, and a sleuth of skins. There is also a Quake 3 Smoothness Guide.

Some very popular wallpapers, windows application themes, icons, and other design work I've chipped away at.

A list of free games I have found to be worthy of mentioning. The best things in life are free.

I've created a full Trackmania Drift Forever mod & Car skins. All of which I created while I earned 1st place for the United States for ESWC

Highly popular Counter Strike: Source & Team Fortress 2 skins, maps, & (at the time) information on phong and soundscapes nobody knew about.

A small list of useful software I've put on here with hopes to expand on in the future... have a look.

A place to ask me questions, hold my contests, share random info, or for anyone to get a hold of me or ask for help.

Detailed information about my accomplishments, proficiencies, pc build, and what I do.