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Promode HUDs

If your having a little trouble working on your hud, Try the CPMA Hud Editor by veal

First try the hud toggle for the default huds (hud7 added for 1.35)

I'd also like to mention it was a pleasure working with the developer of this hud system, I feel proud of the work we created during the year or so we worked together on CPMA. Thank You arQon.

(no image)
Pink isn't that bad
place it in cpma/hud directory
has its own crosshairs, use ch_drawcrosshair 0
just some little tricks you might be able to use
ch_file pink

[ japan hud ]
place it in cpma/hud directory
800x600+ recommended
ch_file japan
every element is used
no overlaping and shows the full potential of the superHud

[ gob hud ]
open and edit the name however you want
theres a crosshair setup inside, delete the #'s
ch_file gob

(no image)
stripped down optimized 2337 hud
[ 2337 ] hud