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    A well done three dimensional icon set to add depth perception

220 kb

Defrag Player Trails

    Read "defrag/docs/readme-[Player-SmokeTrails].txt"

8.00 kb

Pulsing White Nade Version

    Includes Nade.Cfg

88.0 kb

Pulsing Green Version

    Includes Nade.Cfg

20.0 kb

Glow Rail

    Includes Glow_Rail.Cfg

28.0 kb

Recreation Of Pez Rockets

    From Fucking French Frogs Frag Video

28.0 kb

Promode Board Flags

    Can Be Used In Any MOD
    Includes Flags.Cfg

356 kb


504 kb

Chat Balloon


152 kb

Teammate / Friend Icon


24.0 kb

Ring Smoke

    Includes Ring_Smoke.Cfg

24.0 kb

Xaero NinjaMonk


2.52 mb

TankJR Carbon Fiber

    Updated Version

944 kb

    Original Version

908 kb

Crash Trinity

    (now includes green)

1.22 mb

Doom White Knight


2.30 mb

Carbon Fiber Final


1.34 mb

Carbon Fiber Alpha With Blood


1.71 mb

Alpha Chrome Weapon Skins

    With Blood

1.69 mb

    Without Blood
1.65 mb

Ghost Weapons


728 kb

Glow Blue Weapons


12.00 kb

Glow Red Weapons


8.00 kb

Glow White Weapons


12.00 kb

Glow Green Weapons


12.00 kb

Glow Gold Weapons
8.00 kb