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Improve Network Throughput

Improve Network Throughput
Via Command Prompt.

    This simple command prompt tweak simple unrestricts bandwidth and its stability. Best advice is to turn any network applications off and run a default test at and, save those results, do the tweak, then do it again. The findings were a very heartbeat choppy type net graph into a flat line solid connection, cable and fios obviously.

  1. First open the command prompt with run as administrator
  2. Then right click paste the following and hit enter:
    netsh int tcp show global

  3. A list of parameters and there settings will be displayed. The one that will be changed is Add-On Congestion Control Provider
  4. To change it from None To CTCP paste the following and hit enter:
    netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp

  5. Finally reboot and run both tests at both websites again, enjoy
  6. To undo this process do step 5 and change the value to none
*NOTE* This works with MOST Internet Service Providers