Modern Warfare 2 & 3

The Modern Warfare 2 & 3 Spawn System Explained

The mw2 spawn system uses a "spawn furthest" method of respawning players. It gathers enemies locations and grabs the farthest spawn from their average location. So map control, communication, and a little education you should be able to manipulate or predict where everyones going to be, even the really fast guy with an smg trying to come up behind your team.

Highrise, Derail, Scrapyard

These maps are all similar as in a straight two sided map of spawn locations like the third image. If you control it correctly and spread evenly, enemies will spawn on the other side everytime. Derail might not seem similar, but there are no spawns on either wooded areas so that leaves you with big warehouse, center building and train area only.

Favela, Carnival, Quarry, Crash

These are the four split sectioned type maps, if you can evenly control three of the sections, their stuck in the fourth.

Terminal, Skidrow, Rundown

These are just like two side maps, but wide ones. same rules apply, if your spread evenly with one guy in the back so nobody spawns behind you, their going to spawn on the other side of the map everytime.


Karachi deserves its own section because of its layout and results are reversed. You can actually force your entire team into one of the corners and still control the map. ergo: if everyones on "the roof" by the chicken coups, theres to many things in the way for enemies to see you before you see them and get the kill.

Underpass, Wasteland, Estate

These maps follow the same ruleset as the four sectioned maps mentioned above, except more difficult because theres occasions of random spawn locations. ergo: an enemy can spawn next to you or right behind your team even with map control. Estate is a secret, its all about the wood pile, if you control the house you need atleast one person at the wood pile behind it or the game will eventually spawn someone back there. Underpass ive had someone spawn right infront of me a few times. It all depends on everyones locations, so the game will spit out a few "i dont know where the fuck to spawn you" locations.

Run Faster Trick

This is an old quake 3 engine trick. Still works in every cod game.

View the image below for a visual example and explanation.

*this only works when you run up against the wall. simple but very effective*

Disable Map Ambient Sound To Hear Everything

The following steps will enable you to remove the ambient sounds (gunshots and explosion sounds in the map background) ingame plus the annoying lobby music

NOTE: This will not get you banned, it is untracable and is seen as a missing file and thats all.

  1. Locate the MILES folder in your modern warfare 2 or 3 directory, usually...

      1. Steam\SteamApps\common\call of duty black ops\MILES

  2. Open the folder and delete the contents and the ambient map sound is gone leaving you to hear enemies footsteps twice as good.

  3. Verify game cache to reinstall, check it often it will fix itself at random sometimes so just delete the files again.

Windows 7 Performance Trick

This will disable windows 7's aero glass ONLY when cod is launched, then re-enable it after you quit

  1. locate your cod:modern warefare 2 directory. steam:

    1. steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 2

  2. locate iw4mp.exe

  3. right click and select "Properties"

  4. check the box for "Disable Desktop Composition" & optionally "Run This Program As Administrator

  5. click Apply

  6. click Ok

  7. Thats it, now test it.

Fps Tweaking Your Config File

The screenshot to the right is the MW2 Configuration Utility and my recommended settings. It is a 100% safe and highly recommended config file editor. Most games have these and are very useful to you in regards to user experience. Adjusting settings to your liking can help you play and perform significantly better.

config_mp.cfg is the name of the file and is located usually...

steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare2\players

if you want to edit things manually.

it would be a good idea to set it to read-only when your done editing so mwf2 doesnt override anything.

Recommended Settings

Heres some recommended settings ive found help performance and hit registration the most. You'll have to set these manually because the utility does not have them. The faster your game runs, the better everything works. ergo: your mouse doesnt skip, display doesnt lag, all the network info doesnt hesitate being processed, etc...

// net settings

seta cl_maxpackets * do not adjust this, severe hit registration is lost

seta cl_packetdup "1" //duplicate packets sent

seta snaps "40" //default = 20 snapshots per second *better hit reg

seta rate "50000" //default = 25000(bytes/s) *better hit reg

seta drawLagometer "1" //on screen netgraph

//other stuff, id recommend setting the smallest screen resolution you can deal with for large performance gains.

seta r_vsync "0"

setar_specular "1" // helps you see players ALOT easier

seta r_dof_enable"0" //depth of field default = 1 * very laggy

seta r_glow_allowed "0" //glowy stuff default = 1 * very laggy

seta r_dlightLimit "4" //default = 4 * you can see flashes to location enemies