Valve Games

Circa 2008

Team Fortress 2

The Arctic Technician

This is a skin I created purely motivated by the details of the gun model mixed with some garrys mod tool gun influences and some other small details I wanted influenced by other skins. It actually took about a week to make because I changed it around so many times plus everytime I entered the game I would have to check each adjustment. Have a look at the texture to see how much work was actually done.

Stats As of Oct 2015

Views: 11,004

Downloads: 4,186

Counter Strike: Source

Aim Ag Texture City Advanced

One of several maps I made for my extremely popular server at the time by the name of FUCK YEAH TEAM DEATHMATCH. It featured a highly modified set of scripts and server sided mods by myself, so popular that a handful of other server owners had purchased the setup off of me on the side,then when they couldn't get it to run due to complexity they then hired me to setup their server. The map was originally created by MoHax, I just saw the oppurtunity to open it up and give it what it wanted, then tweaked it for high performance and better lighting because I knew how popular it was going to be. Heres some statistics...

Stats As of Oct 2015

Views: 49,792

Downloads: 22,899

Feature Set

  • custom soundscape

  • highly optimized/higher framerates

  • lots of brush fixes/texture fixes/ladder perfectioning

  • 300+ beta testers

  • well over 1000 hours of testing amongst the players

  • still slightly ct sided

  • includes some very difficult moves while newer players can still play the old way

  • non-green radar's

  • same sky, but correct lighting leaving players more distinct and visible

  • standard texture map 1 blacklight :p

  • you decide how creative you can move throughtout the map

Special Thanks

  • MoHax of course for putting all the pressure on the diamond, i just cut and polished it ;p

  • The 100's of testers sharing their ideas and dealing with the downloads (13gig of bandwidth in that week), about half said they'd wondered what it would have been like. I think I've done a good job. They also nicknamed it "The Cabana"

  • SUPER SPECIAL thanks to bigmach for making me register cuz he took the map,named it mach_city,said someone else made it, forgot half the files, and posted it on fpsb :)

Black & White Simple White Gloves

Clean Clean Clean is all I wanted, that and to figure how phong works and how to create your own normal maps. Then I decided to Write a Guide for the World to use so everyone else can do it too. These are still the only gloves I use for css, damn sexy.

Stats As of Jan 2012

Views: 106,072

Downloads: 45,479

Ejecting Brass Shell Replacements

UV Glow Shells

Designed to compliment Zombie Mod

Stats As of Jan 2012

Views: 43,884

Downloads: 23,953

Hot Shells

Designed to add some flare to the millions of rounds blasted through each day in css /corn off

Stats As of Jan 2012

Views: 6,968

Downloads: 1,382

Tracert Shells

Designed during a Halloween event and huge set of Halloween maps off

Stats As of Jan 2012

Views: 19,188

Downloads: 2,976