Runningman's Amphi Remix

Mainly for CPMA.

A great deal of time was used to perfect the lighting using the most up-to-date advantages of q3map2. The mirrored floor was even optimized by separating it into sections and removing any hidden parts to lower rendering costs which were dramatic at the beginning. Also to stay original as possible I had to calculate the exact damage the lava gave from the original map, which was just multiple lava layers. So this posed a problem seeing as there is only one water layer in this map. "Spawn with" items had to be recreated as well due to its odd nature and build which was above the map.

Developers Note: 47 Compiles to Perfect the Lighting.

Runningman's Strafe Set

The most controversial pad spacing i could come up with, GLHF. The main objective when I decided to create this was Carbon Fiber pads, Erratic Spacing, and Unique Lighting Techniques and Texture Design.Developers Note: The lights in the water were aligned perfectly so when you jump they appear to "shut off" with each pad jump. This was also the first map I had ever created in GTK Radiant.

Frankenmap Beta 7

Never Compiled.

I took the three best Defrag Freestyle maps and Pad sets and tried to create a "server map" so everyone could freestyle wherever they wanted, only problem, I could never get Full Lighting to compile due to an error only hardcore mappers could figure out, although it compiles on fast. I'm hoping one day someone may finish it.

Developers Notes: Current dev hours was around 62 in 8 days.