Examples of some of my photoshop fun over the years.

Roadkill Ramptruck Mockup for Mike Finnegan. Original Post containing the original image

Roadkill Ramptruck Mockup for Mike Finnegan.

A bike.. If I Could Ever Build One... I'd probably make it look like this... cuz I'm weird like that.

Reflisa - Whats better than a Mona Lisa with the robot head from the game Reflex FPS

Reflex FPS logo concept

Quake Champions Doom Slayers special ability mixed with Mike Tysons Punch Out. There was a time that the ability was so brokenly overpowered that jokes were flying... so I brought this one to life.

Pro Quake Players being photoshopped & Idolized for eternity.

Michael "dooi" Dewey "Dooigi" After he won ?Quake Open League 2018?