Steam Client Tricks & Usages

Steam Mover, Move Any Games to Any Drive (2008)

Like most people that have been using steam for a long time, you also have alot of games. With Solid State Drives becoming more and more popular but with limited sizes this poses a problem for most steam users. This STEAM MOVER portable app will move any game of your choice from the common folder to a specified folder on another drive, then tell steam all the new file paths. What it does is similar to your winsxs folder in windows 7, it creates a junction. A junction is a folder full of content, but the content is in another location(s).

  • The drive needs to be NTFS file system only.

  • It does not move .gcf base content files.

  • Before you install a game, Steam checks the original installation drive for enough space, so do it.

Local download incase the website disappears...

How And Why To Use Steam In Nonsteam Games ( Original Thread)

  • free p2p voice over ip across multiple games freely without a server and high latencies (great for gta: san andreas multiplayer etc..)

  • view your friends ingame

  • what they are playing

  • where they are playing

  • chat ingame and across multiple games

  • group chat ingame and across multiple games and teams

  • join the server

  • add new friends while in-game

  • adjust settings to accommodate you

How To

Load steam and hit the add non-steam game button under the games tab (you dont even need to buy a game)

Check off all the games you have installed and/or use the browse button to search for uninstalled games (like warsow)

Now if you had to install warsow or other games using the browse button then they will be named after the .EXE so rename them by selecting warsow and right clicking and selecting properties. now these games will show up correctly throughout the steam community. (warsow shows up as warsow_x86.exe)

Now would be a good time to replace your shortcut icons in your taskbar or desktop by right clicking on the game and selecting.. you guessed it... create desktop shortcut. its just easier to make them now just to get it over with so fucking do it While in any game hit shift+tab to bring up the ingame overlay as seen in the main screenshot. now would be a good time to change that setting to a different key like break or scroll lock.

Add up all your friends and link them to this page.

Play around with the rest of the options and settings for notifications and whatnot, some people dont like the popup.


Heres a pic of group chat using voip ingame. if you close the window the voip will continue you work, shift+tab will open the window again for you to use group chat again

Troubleshooting And Info

"the game isnt launching from the shortcut i created"

  1. make sure the steam page like the pic above is closed / minimized.

  2. you changed something which changed that games id number in the shortcut properties(-gameidlaunch ###############). create a new desktop shortcut which will have the new id number in it or copy and paste the new id number into your old shortcut.

"this thing lags me"

  1. if it only lags when a friend joins a game or comes online its the corner pop-up. change that under settings and the friends tab under notifications.

  2. if it lags all the time disable the overlay under settings and the in-game tab.

Things It Needs

push to talk ->added 2008

ip protocols