Skins or Mods created for Quake 3. I've been creating content for the game since 2003.

News: I've managed to get RTX working in both DeFRag and Promode Mods without an "RTX" card

Heres a dump of mods without pics except one. the battle suit shield as seen in the video. the quad is the same as the shield just a different color, when they are mixed its make this crazy galaxy fire purple.

High Quality Rocket Launcher 2018. For enhanced environmental shader version, use idfe.exe engine for defrag.

Video of the mod in action via Twitch Clip

Thinking Chat Balloon

Defrag Player Shadow

Rotates Around Each Player

Great For Team Tricking & Clans

Defrag Main Menu Screen

It's animated

includes soundscape

Shadowed Simple Icons

A well done three dimensional icon set to add depth perception

as seen in

Defrag Player Trails

Read "defrag/docs/readme-[Player-SmokeTrails].txt"

Pulsing White Nade Version

Includes Nade.Cfg

Pulsing Green Version

Includes Nade.Cfg

Glow Rail

Includes Glow_Rail.Cfg

Recreation Of Pez Rockets

From Fucking French Frogs Frag Video

Promode Board Flags

Can Be Used In Any MOD

Includes Flags.Cfg

Chat Balloon

Teammate / Friend Icon

Ring Smoke

Includes Ring_Smoke.Cfg

Xaero NinjaMonk

TankJR Carbon Fiber

Updated Version

Original Version

Crash Trinity

(now includes green)

Doom White Knight

Carbon Fiber Final

Carbon Fiber Alpha With Blood

Alpha Chrome Weapon Skins

With Blood

Without Blood

Ghost Weapons

Glow Blue Weapons

Glow Red Weapons

Glow White Weapons

Glow Green Weapons

Glow Gold Weapons