CarX Drift

Alternately you can view and download all my liveries and import them into CarX to use yourself with Kino. Kino is a carx mod which you can download at the bottom of this page. I've also written a CarX Drift Etiquette Guide on Steam with tons of info even for skilled players.

Night Time ReShade For Carx (or any game)

Through some tricky I was able to turn a nice bright sunny game to night using only reshade. Turns out many people on the ReShade RTX discord really enjoyed it and now.. well... you can turn any game into night mode, oops, go me.

You can purchase and download RTX for ReShade from Pascal Gilcher aka Marty McFly by joining his patreon one time or continue getting updates by paying monthly. And the leaked version of RTX is shit compared to the real one, the mans talented, hook him up wit a fiverr

The lighting (the game has its own now thats much different) is from the Kino mod linked below