Tweak Pages

To get my new visitors started I've created this easy page to tweak the hell out of you're system. I've also put them in order of strongest performance gain -to- weakest performance gain. I HIGHLY recommend you do ONE, test the changes in an FPS game you know well, then test THE NEXT ONE, seriously, do it, you won't know how to undo something if you don't.

Disable HPET(High Precision Event Timer)

MarkC Mouse Acceleration Fix

Negative Acceleration

PS/2 vs USB Setup

Keyboard Ghosting And Checking

Disable Nagle Algorithm

Improve Network Throughput

Onboard Lan -vs- Dedicated Network Card

Disable Unwanted Services / BlackViper

Raise USB Polling Rates Manually

Getting Clean & Full Power To You're PSU

Fully Powering Your Pc

Disable IPv6 And Other Unused Devices

Disable Windows CPU Core Parking

Disable AMD ULPS Power Saver Mode