Quake 3 RTX

I got RTX working around Feb 2020 and these are the screenshots I took. With an AMD x4 965 phenom 2 and nV 680 i got 60-90 fps using defrag's idfe engine with full graphics and additional graphics of idfe engine. You can read more about that in the Defrag Page. This took roughly 3 days to figure out the a few hours of tweaking to make things look properly. This is 12 filters and this is the same month RTX was released with very little information. And yes, you don't need an RTX card for RTX, enjoy that advertising hype.

You can purchase and download RTX for ReShade from Pascal Gilcher aka Marty McFly by joining his patreon one time or continue getting updates by paying monthly. And the leaked version of RTX is shit compared to the real one, the mans talented, hook him up wit a fiverr

This was the very first shot of RTX in Quake 3. Map is Asylum

Ideally you should adjust for each map.. I set a blanket set of values to work with everything.... it hated cpm22