Audio Work

Sound Effects Usage From Trade School & Game Mods

This studio animation had no audio and the exercise was to make it sound as exciting as possible to make an impression. (2010)

This intro is from the movie Seven with brad pitt. This exercise was to take the intro and add every single sound to it yourself, its roughly 80% of what I wanted. This teacher gives zero compliments, he actually did for this becuase he loves dark shit.(2010)

DVD Menu Audio. This exercise was to take a recorded navigation of a dvd menu and add appropriate sound effects.(2010)

There are other sounds I've created or compiled throughout the website. The sounds I used in the Trackmania Drift Forever Mod for trackmania nations ESWC were isolated from youtube videos then heavily edited to be used in the mod. There is also a handful of edited sounds sprinkled throughout the quake 3 skins page.