Liveries I've made in a few games using the in-game vinyl system. There's plenty of details and very creative tricks used in these. These systems are usually very limited and force creativity.

Need For Speed 2015

Roadkill Show's Rotsun, 6 hours. Was retweeted by the owner Mike Finnegan. Original imgur link

My evolved Porsche livery carried over from the Need For Speed World version down below... I could never get the eyes right with NFS's Livery System

What most 240sx builds looked like in the United States in the early 2000s

Carx Drift on Steam, Playstation, and soon XBOX

A variation of the real Felony Form E36. I love this car because it's beat up and probably has plenty of stories... far more interesting than a fresh Formula Drift livery. (2019)

This is 200 layers. Lots of shading, debris, and tape

Need For Speed World, R.I.P. ... though ive heard theres an underground server still running 😉(2009ish)

Alot of revisions to make my Porsche livery unique. I tried to carry the design over to need for speed 2015 with subtle changes

Sharpie style originally from the sharpie Lamborghini

got creative and made a fake engine through the hood.