Prio - Sets and Saves Process Settings

Prio is a great tool. It integrates itself into the windows 7 shell and becomes part of the task manager and allows you to right click any process and select all the options to run it as high priority, above normal, and even set the I/O priority and even which cpu cores you want the program to run on. And the best part is there's no running tray app or startup program, it just SAVES EVERYTHING so you don't have to constantly set it everytime.

Some tips I recommend would be to cautiously think about what your changes will effect. Also, do not change STEAM or ORIGIN because any game launched through either program will copy its settings. Say you run steam in below normal priority, any game you load in steam will also have below normal. So just keep the app at normal and set the codmp.exe to above normal and that works great. Also setting PunkbusterA & B to background removes about 90% of the in-game stuttering.

Other access PRIO gives you is the ability to take all your update.exe processes and non crucial processes and set them to below normal and background I/O. I even dedicate some processes to 1 core only so they aren't running all over the place. You can even dedicate 1 CPU core to system tasks and all the other core can be dedicated to just games.

Also if you feel your performance is ruined and you screwed up the settings, simply uninstall and re-install and try again... I've done it atleast 6 times trying to find out the right combination that works for my system and myself.

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