AuriAmp - display winamp ingame

Auri Amp / Quakeamp

by: auri

With this little app you can output a config file into a directory of your choice. With the say command it updates the name of the mp3 currently playing in winamp. So if you bind a key (see below) to execute the config file(music.cfg by default) it will send it to the chat area ingame. Below is a list of games / quake engine games that it works with. Basically it will work with any gaming that uses .cfg configs, has the /exec command in console, binds, and ingame chat.

works with: msn messenger, cod4, cod5, cod6, cod7, warsow, RTCW, HL2, HL, Q2, Q3, Q4, CS, CS:S, Doom3, ET, Black ops 1&2

tip: bind [key] "exec music"