3 Types Of Hand Grips

Find your natural grip style and buy accordingly.

Then buy a mouse for its sensor and switches, screw cosmetics.

There is 3 different ways to hold your mouse, in return you should choose a mouse based on how you hold one. "Hybrid Mouse Grips" offer the ability to switch between two styles due to fatigue or different games comfortably. At the momment the only two mice I can reccommend are the Ninox Aurora and the Cooler Master Spawn.

Palm Grip

Is when your entire hand rests completely on the mouse. Most players that use this grip move very fast and use large mouse pads. This is the most comfortable and common way a mouse is used by consumers and gamers

Claw Grip

Just like the Palm Grip only the fingertips touch not the entire hand. Usually used for faster clicking. This is also a semi-fatiguing way to play due to the strain on your muscles and joints.

Finger-Tip Grip This is my style.

Only your finger tips touch the mouse, not even the cup of your hand. This is what I use and it allows you to make micro-adjustments quickly while aiming, say.. for the head or for the feet against riot shields. Also, this grip has the most fatigue in your hands and internal damage over time.

These are industry standard grips, Razer offers a guided search to choose one of their mice based on your grip.

Image Source: Razer