1st steps

After I Install Windows, I do the following.

Goto control panel -> mouse -> pointer options tab

  1. Change the pointer speed to dash #6, which should be default.

  2. Uncheck Enhance pointer precision.

  3. Uncheck Hide pointer while typing.

  4. Install your mouse drivers and software if any.

  5. Reboot

  6. Raise the USB Polling Rate( 500hz or 1000hz) through software or with my Raise USB Polling Rates page.

  7. Apply MarkC's Negative Acceleration Fix

  8. Reboot

*NOTE* 1000hz on an AMD Phenom x4 965 I can pull 8% CPU usage with my mouse. Assuming modern CPU's can handle any refresh rate is a myth, test for yourself, cpu lag spiking or added latency during a firefight is not a good idea.