Q3plus mod

a mod i created in around 2005-2006, all in good fun, but nothing compared to what i do now. feel free to read the full story on how the mod began

  • Works on most online servers -sv_pure 0
  • Defraggers Choice Mod
  • 3000+ Downloads
  • by: mike martin aka Runningman aka mm1200

Changes Include:

  • Carbon Fiber & Chrome Weapon Skins (see bottom)
  • Motion Blur Gauntlet Blade (see bottom)
  • New Lightning Gun Shaft (see bottom)
  • New Armors & Shards
  • Improved Armor Effects
  • New Chatbeep From q3a.sytes.net
  • CPMA BFG Sound
  • Shell Drop Sounds From q3a.sytes.net
  • Grenade Launcher Sounds
  • Grenade Sounds
  • Lightning Gun Sounds From q3a.sytes.net
  • Carbon Fiber Hud Numbers
  • OSP Grenade
  • New BFG Core
  • New BFG Explosions
  • New Plasma Rounds & Splat Impacts
  • Rocket & Grenade Explosions by Hemostick
  • Chrome Rocket
  • Chat Balloon
  • Quake 4's Marine Fonts & Enlarged For Defrags Gaz HUD
  • Chrome Menu Font
  • Bullet Wall Effects
  • Removed Brown Gauntlet Effects
  • White Smoke Trails
  • Opaque Simple Items
  • Ground Shadow


special thanks goto everyone thats helped me create this....FuBaR,sp4rky,nebuLa,KiD,Khabbi,STASIS,buDDha and the qiangshi team,frank,ac1d,REQUIM and everyone else from the Team Event Horizon server.

i would also like to thank everyone that contacted me with something to add to this, and i hope everyone enjoys all these additions.

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  • Install: place the extracted pk3 into the baseq3 or mods(cpma defrag etc..) folder.
  • Lightmapping must be ON or nothing will work. "r_vertexlight 0"
  • Your sky must be ON for the gauntblade to work correctly. "r_fastsky 0"
  • For the new lightning gun shaft in another mod, place another copy in that mods folder.