Texture Mods

Texture Mapping is an image (2D Space) applied to the surface of a shape or polygon (3D Space). Images are stored in common format (e.g .tga, .png, .bmp, etc)

In Unity, Texture are stored in assets

For editing texture you may need one of the following tools :

Before we start, make sure you've extracted your game apk in order to access its assets

Without much ado, let's start shall we?

Extracting Textures

1) Start your tool, and Open...

a) If you use UABE, select Open

b) If you use Asset Studio, select Load File

2) Navigate into extracted game folder then assets > bin > Data

3) Select globalmanagers , and wait for couple minutes, let the program load entire assets...

4) Sort it into Texture2D!

a) If you use UABE, click Type in row, then scrolls untill you find Texture2D on type columns

b) If you use Asset Studio, click Asset List then click Filter Type, and click on Texture2D

5) Find textures that you need to extract, after that extract with following

a) If you use UABE, select plugins then Export to .tga or Export to .png, (the difference is only the extracted format)

b) If you use Asset Studio, right click then Export Selected Assets

6) Choose destination folder for your extracted file

7) And you're done with extracting your file (in this case Texture). Now you're ready to edit it

Importing Texture Into Unity Assets

This part only works with UABE, Assetn Studio doesnt have build function

1) Open UABE

2) Select asset that you want to replace

3) Click Plugins > Edit

4) You'll see this window, you can disable the mip maps by uncheck the option (in my case I disable it)

5) Select 'Load' on Texture then choose the image that you want to use

6) Click OK, then a window shows up

7) Select Slow (to make sure everything is processed)

8) Wait for 5-7 mins. Let the tool do its work

9) After that save you work by File > Save

10) Choose where you want to save the file (file will be saved as unity asset

11) Congratulation, you just made your texture edit!

Use APK Editor to import your texture into the game