Getting Clean & Full Power To You're PSU

Just because you have a reliable and high quality power supply doesn't mean you're system is actually receiving power from the wall or outlet properly. Make sure you're system is isolated and is plugged into its own wall outlet by itself.

One system I had been running was never performing like I thought it should until I watched the video below. I then realized my computer was in a garage sharing a wall outlet with a full size freezer, mini fridge :p , space heater, laptop.... and 2 monitors. The system was unstable in battlefield 3 and 4 in all aspects. After watching the video I found a heavy duty extension cord (3 prong with ground) and grabbed an extra surge protector and plugged into a wall outlet that had nothing else on it. First thing I did was try battlefield 4 and was in shock, all this time I never considered the power coming from the wall is limited and fluctuates similar to a congested network. I immediately gained 20 to 30 frames per second average, my map load times dropped in half, and the performance overlay went from choppy waves to buttery smooth. And to think, I was using a Corsair 750 Gold power supply. Just because you have the best power supply does not mean you should neglect the power its receiving as well.

The most idea solution for this is to use an Uninterruptible Power Supply, as it will condition you're electrical throughput and act as a large capacitor. More detailed information can be found on the's Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Guide.

Start at 14:57 if the video did not do it for you.

If you watch the entire video, you can see how much trouble they all had simply because of "dirty power", amazing.

additively, some folks got together and actually metered some latencies all the way to proper grounding apparently. read through the following image to really get a more advanced perspective on a system