Conquer Online


NOTE: Some skins have been moved to a separate Pro Mod I called "Puro Co". So if you want to try the mod click the links below and CAREFULLY read the installation instructions because the mod does not alter your current installation of conquer AND you can play on any server safely. Click the Link or Image for the Mods Website

Circle Of Protection Luckytime 2014

I removed the little "laggy" sprites because I felt they arent needed. I also removed 1 of the sprites and changed the other two for players absorbing the luckytime. I then added a chant themed music called Requiem Aeternam also used in church for "mass for the dead". The vigor you see in the picture is only available in puro co.

Bigger Better Icons v8 (12-02-2014)

These Are Removed

  • sycee
  • silver
  • stancher
  • resolutive
  • painkiller
  • amrita
  • pancea
  • agrypnotic
  • tonic
  • pearl ointment

These Are Added

  • some items on the ground actually showed quality by color(blue/red) those all have icons now. the weapons that still worked? ya i got all those. why worry about an .ani edit when i could replace all the icons.(over 500 icons,fml)
  • protection pill
  • standard "gold" is now a small bar
  • accurate larger gold(1bar, 2bar, 3bar)
  • short sized daily quest items(everything has a price)
  • grotto key
  • health wine
  • exp pot
  • added more books
  • endurance and modesty books
  • riding crops
  • every horse
  • saddles
  • all steed packs
  • weapon accessories
  • refinery packs
  • 2nd rebirth quest items(pretty sure i got them all)
  • Night Devil
  • Dance Books
  • Fire Of Hell
  • Bomb
  • Emerald
  • Soul Stone
  • Penitence Amulet
  • Class Amulets
  • Lucky Amulet
  • Ninja Amulet
  • Sky Tokens
  • Command Tokens
  • Earth Tokens
  • Soul Tokens
  • Refined Weapons
  • Unique Weapons
  • Elite Weapons
  • Super Weapons
  • Meteor
  • Dragonball
  • CP Shower Boxes

These Have Been Updated

  • gem icons are shorter to show names
  • gem icons are brighter and rainbow colored
  • short icons for books to read names
  • defualt icon is now invisible

Health & Mana Bubble Fix

By default the health and mana bubble do not show about 15% of you're maximum stats, this fixes that and adds a little bit of style to the xp skill by adding it to the outside of the bubble.

  • raised height of hp and mp meter to show true levels
  • brightened hp and mp slightly for better visibility
  • removed outer xp fill ring
  • created outer gold xp skill fill ring
  • created outer xp fill ring flash
  • lowered green gem to above stamina level
  • slotted stamina bar for accurate viewing
  • striped stamina bar for also more accuracy
  • added slot for blessing stamina bar start

NOTE: This does not work in HUD resolution 800x600 because its alot of work and that resolution isn't used so often in conquers 11th year.

Better Supers

I felt that TQ made a poor choice in making the supers use the red elite textures so I swapped them all to use the normal quality textures. So now their more diverse and not all fuckin red, which was bothering me for a while now. I think overall this is one of the best mods I've come up with.

Themed Damage Numbers

Slightly colored

Japanese themed typography to match conquer

Much shorter and smaller characters that do not distract or obstruct your view

Also replaces revive, bp, kill count and self inflicting spell numbers

Follow the according folders in "Conquer 2.0\c3\effect\"

Unified Looking Potions

Yes I know the hp and mp colors are backwards in the picture, its been fixed :p

Also, Ginseng and Mil. Ginseng share the same icon, so there had to be a compromise.

Replaces Icons For

  • mil ginseng
  • vanilla
  • chant pill
  • refreshing pill
  • soul pill
  • recovery pill
  • ginseng
  • pancea

Jiang Hu Background

The default starry background was a bit boring to look at everyday so i decided to make a new one, enjoy!

Vigor 2.0 Collection

Zip includes a mini version shown on the left, standard 2.0 as shown in the gif on the right, pink, purple, and an invisible one for less lag ingame.

Weapon Trails

This will replace all the weapon trails coming off the backs of weapons when you attack, and some of the lower level supers.

All the files need to go in "Conquer 2.0\c3\effect\flash"

Trails = The motion blurr effect coming off refined, unique, elite, and some super weapons

High Vis Chat Balloons

It can get kind of confusing or hard to see with the default chat balloons especially in market, so included in the zip are two versions to choose from.

Camo Sand Raider Garment

Take your pick! All included in zip archive. Yep, he has face paint on. This was alot of fun to make. I removed the headband and various other details from the original, then added both black and white versions for each color scheme.

Fixed 121-125 Archer Armors

Replaces the purple in the 121 to 125 archer armors to black which looks way better, I have no idea why TQ made them in purple.... or do I? All the regular coloring remains untouched.

130 Backswords



Fixed Stig

Joker GoodLuck Garment