Keyboard Ghosting And Checking

Keyboard Ghosting

And How To Check For Yourself.

Simply put, have you ever tried to press a certain couple keys while playing an FPS or RTS and you know you pressed the key but nothing happened? That's ghosting. USB keyboards are prone to this, so using a PS/2 or USB-to-PS/2 adapter is a must for pc gaming with a keyboard. You can visit this microsoft link to test your keyboard for ghosting or watch the video to the right to see the same keyboard in USB mode and PS/2 mode.

You'll notice the steelseries 6GV2 using usb in the first half can only use certain key combinations and low number of keys can be pressed at the same time. In the second half of the video using the same keyboard with a PS/2 adapter the user presses all 22 letter keys plus some keypad keys and they all registered.

Also, this is a PS/2 port.

And this is a USB-to-PS/2 adapter you'll need.