Q : How do I mod my FR Legends game?

A : Currently, FR Legends is moddable for android, to Install mods, you need APK Editor for replacing files

Q : Where can I get this APK Editor?

A : Click here to download APK Editor

Q : Where can I get this [x, y, z] mods?

A : Modders usually active on Youtube and or Instagram, check their ig for mods releases

Q : I want [x, y, z] mods, I saw it on internet, but I can't find it. Where to find them?

A : In this scenario it would be :

a) the mods is private, the author doesn't want to share it to public

b) the mods still work in progress, you're likely to find them in public for teaser

Q : I Want to make my own mods, what tools should I need?

A : UABE or AssetExtractor for extracting assets, 3D Modeler software for 3D stuff (e.g 3DS Max, Blender, Zmodeler2 etc.) and Image Editor for textures (e.g Photoshop, GIMP), Audacity for sound editing (though at the moment, sound editing can't be done), and Unity for building Assets

Q : I want to learn modding, where should I start?

A : The simplest modding in this game is Texture Modding, more info in this site

Q : Is there anything like script mod for FR Legends?

A : Unfortunately, we do not have documentation regarding script modding, as for now there isn't any mod and we're looking for contributor for documenting script modding

Q : What can I do to support modder?

A : you can do the following but not limited as :

a) consider donate them (If they accept donation)

b) follow their network (e.g Youtube, Instagram, Sites etc.)

c) cheers on them! (atleast comment and appreciate them isn't cost anything :) )