Runningman Mini Comps

This is a "pickup" game I came up with for defrag using the standard pickup discord bots in 2017, called it Runningman... It actually worked well.

This was a WIP, Adjustments will be added as needed.


Runningman is a game of consistency where 4 players have 20 minutes to set their best time on a map. There are 4 modes, Fastcap CPM, CPM Run, Fastcap VQ3, and VQ3 Run. Similar to a pickup game, users !add with a discord bot and when 4 players are ready you are notified to join the server IP and begin.

  1. Current format is just to get this started and will change

  2. Join the Server and Voice chat

  3. Set cg_DrawTimer 1 (df_mp_NoDrawRadius 0 also recommended)

  4. Callvote mode(s)

  5. Type !Random in chat, players must decide on one of the 4 maps listed

  6. Callvote the map

  7. Wait till everyone downloads the map and is ready

  8. Callvote the map again, when it restarts GO

  9. When the timer reaches 20 minutes finish the run you are on

  10. Winner has the fastest time on the scoreboard

Bot Commands

!add pickup name - adds you to specified pickups. current pickups are cpmrun vq3run 1v1

!pickups - list of all pickups on the channel.

!remove pickup name - removes you from specified pickups.

!remove - removes you from all pickups.

!expire time - Sets new time delay after you will be removed from all pickups, example: '!expire 1h 2m 3s'.

!expire - shows you how much time left before you will be removed from all pickups.

!who pickup name - list of users added to a pickups.

!top [weekly or monthly or yearly] - shows you most active players.

!stats [nick or pickup] - shows you overall stats or stats for specified argument.